Diffrent Image Types We Deliver

We can deliver any type of file that you desire for your project, and can assist with the decision making during the ordering process. Each file type is optimized for different uses. Read more on the file information and uses to make sure you order exactly what you need. Note: W e can always deliver additional file types after the shoot if you decide you need them.
Standard File Types
1. High-Resolution Tif

  • This is the standard image format we deliver because of its flexibility.
  • Format: High Resolution Tiff Compression: Lossless LZW Colorspace: sRGB Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Width/Height: No smaller than 3000px on any side Crop: A wide crop for flexible cropping later Cost:
  • Get both file types free.
2. Amazon Ready Jpeg
  • Perfectly crafted for upload to Amazon. Will work great for almost all web uses!
  • Format: Jpeg Compression: 90% Colorspace:s RGB Resolution: 72 dpi Width/Height: 3000px X
  • 3000px Square Crop: 1/4 inch around the product Cost: Get both file types free.
3. Advanced File Types
  • PNGs are delivered without shadows or reflections.
    • +$5 | Transparent Web Ready PNG
    • It’s a transparent PNG ready to go to your website.
  • Format: Web Ready PNG Compression: PNG 24 Colorspace: sRGB Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Width/Height: 3000px X 3000px Square Crop:1/4 inch around the product Cost: $5 per image
  • +$5 | Layered High Res Tif + Clipping Paths (AKA Designer’s Ready Tif File)

Lifestyle Or In-Use Product Photography

We Do Offer Lifestyle/In-Use Product Photography Services and welcome an in-depth discussion to ensure we understand your project and can provide an accurate bid. These shoots require 75% of the bid as a deposit, where the time and expense to JumpStart is substantial. A full day of professional-level lifestyle photography can result in around 5 - 10 final looks in a day, can involve between 5-6 different parties and cost between $2000 - $10,000 for the day depending on the level of production and experience of the creatives, stylist, models & locations involved.

Can You Change The Color Of My Product To Another Color?

We can do this, however, we have found that consumers want to see the actual color that they are purchasing, and in order to look out for your best interest, the integrity of both companies, and maintain your reputation we do not make color changes. If your color changes, or you have multiple colors, please include those in your product shipment so we can photograph and/or video all colors in your product line.

Clothing Photography Services

We photograph your clothing on a mannequin and then use Photoshop to remove it. This is a greatway to show off how a garment lays on a body. On-Model Photography We do currently offer on-model photography. Shooting with models starts at $2,000.00. If you feelthat you need on-model photography, we require that you reach out to us
at info@jumpstartmybrand.com This is a big project, so don't underestimate the time and effort required to make it happen!

Creative Groupings

A creative grouping is just a shot that includes multiple items and props styled around the product. These shots are priced like standard group shots based on the number of total items in the shot providing direction When providing shot directions for creative groupings, it’s important to get as detailed as possible. Please provide a sample drawing, or a photo/sample of a product grouping that you like so that our professionals can meet your expectations. For information on how to put together detailed shot directions for your photos email us at info@jumpstartmybrand.com

Custom Retouching Services and Pricing

How To Place A Custom Retouching Order 1. Send a request and explain what you're looking to do at info@jumpstartmybrand.com 2. Place your order normally but be sure to let us know you want a specific change. 3. When providing direction make sure to annotate which images require custom retouching in theshot list. 4. During the shooting process, we'll have a better understanding of the complexities of the custom project and provide you with an estimate for the extra work at the end of the standard order. 5. Once paid, we'l provide you with the additional work and deliver them in the same gallery.

JumpStartMyBrand vs Traditional Food Photography

JumpStartMyBrand works closely with a number of professional chefs and kitchens and can both plate and present your food in a very professional manner. This is a specialty shoot that requires additional expense outside our studio, and we invite you to cover your needs and expectations during your product order and phone call with one of our representatives.

Copyright, Licensing, and Usage Terms

Copyright is a straightforward subject, and at JumpStartMyBrand we maintain ownership over the copyright. We grant worldwide, unlimited usage rights for an unlimited amount of time, in an unlimited amount of mediums and alterations for promotional and advertising usage of the company that made the order. This is the most usage that can be given and it is included in the price. If you feel that you still need the copyright we do sell the copyright for an additional $20 per image. However, if you are mostly concerned about us sharing the images, we are more than happy to agree to not share them on our website or with anyone. If you want we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the images which will legally protect you. We are more concerned about you having a positive experience with us than sharing your images.

Flat, Glossy Or Hard Light Style

Flat Glossy or Hard Light Style
Flat White Background - Amazon Friendly Background, and the one we recommend 99% of the time. When we shoot on flat white, we shoot it on a non-reflective white paper. This gives a nice clean white surface. A contact shadow occurs naturally where the product meets the surface, then a softer shadow extends beyond that very subtly. We believe that this contact shadow helps give the product place. The flat white background unquestionably satisfies Amazon's Image Requirements, specifically the parts listed below. It is 255 white around the outside of the product and it's easy to crop this image right to the edge of the product for maximum image size.
Glossy White BackgroundDoes not meet Amazon Requirements Products photographed on Glossy White are photographed on a reflective plexi surface, resulting in a pale reflection of the product. This adds a bit of elegance to the product in a subtle way and can be
found used most often with beauty products, however we've seen it used with products across the spectrum. For example, a customer of ours that sells parts uses the reflective surface to add a little bit of interest to an otherwise mundane photo of a ball joint. Hard Light ShadowMay not meet Amazon Requirements
ard Light has deep shadows off the side of the product and is best photographed overhead. Unlike Flat White, the shadow is prominent and used as a design element giving the product extra dimension. This is a trendy lighting style and is seen most by beauty brands to give an edgy look. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd. For Amazon we cannot guarantee you will not get flagged and if you are worried it is best to stick with Flat White. Amazon says: "The image background should be white. If this is not possible, the background must be simple and clean, not distracting from the product itself." You decide for yourself what they mean by this and it could be a risk. We do not have a lot of Amazon sellers who order this style, so it might help you stand out.

Our Turn Around Times

Standard | 7 Business Days Or Less
Rush | 3 Business Days Or Less
+$20 per photo | Our 3 Day Rush turn around time is 3 business days from the time we receive the product and the order is placed.
Super Rush | 48 hour Turn Around | * Call Before
+$60 per photo | Our 24 Hour Rush turn around time is 24 hours from the time we receive the product and the order is placed, and require pre-approval by phone or email.
If I Order Standard Can I Upgrade to Rush or Super Rush?
Yes, but you'll need to let us know. We'll send you a special invoice for the project and once paid we'll upgrade your order.

Our Totally Reasonable Reshoot Policy

If you need a reshoot, please communicate with our representative on the specific and defined way you want your product shot. We know that you select the product photos you are happy with, and if you are not happy with your product photos we will gladly redo them until you are happy with what you want.
What if I need a reshoot but I don't want to pay for it?
You must show us that we didn't do what you asked us to do. We typically want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if the initial directions were misleading or you just changed your mind and wanted something else then you may not qualify for a free reshoot. Can't you shoot a bunch of different versions & let me pick? No. Our focus is on creating high-quality images and therefore it takes time to setup, light & retouch each photo, usually between 10 - 30 min per product depending. There would also be no limit to the
number of variations that we could produce.

How To Download My Pictures From My Order Gallery in Zenfolio?

Method 1 - Download Individual Images In Large Image Mode
Step 1: Click On The Image To Make It Big
Double Click the thumbnail of the image you want to download.
Step 2: Click Download To Get Options
While viewing in the large image mode, hover over “download” to see the download options.
Step 3: Download All Image Or The Image On The Screen
Option 1: "Original (Width X Height): Single Image Immediate Download
If you choose this option it will download the image on the screen immediately using your browser." Images are downloaded in full resolution.
Option 2: "All Available Originals";: Download Link Emailed
If you choose "All Available Originals";, a email request pop-up will display. Enter your email to receive a link.
Step 4: (All Available Originals Only): Get Email Link To Zip File.
If you choose all available originals, you must enter your email to get a download link to the images. This email is not saved or used for any marketing purposes.
You should receive an email immediately with a link to the images. The email will come
from noreply@zenfoliomail.com, so check your spam if you don't see it.
Method 2 - Manually Choose And Select Thumbnails
Step 1: Choose “Select” Click “Select Photos” to choose multiple images to download.
Step 2: Select The Images
Hover over the image thumbnail and click the circle on the bottom left to select the image, select again to unmark.
Step 3: Click Download In The Upper Right Corner
This will download all the images you selected in the image format you requested with your order at once as a zipped folder.
If You Only Select 1 Image the image will be downloaded immediately from your browser.
If you select more than 1 image, you'll be prompted to provide an email address.
Step 4: (More Than 1 Image Selected): Get Email Link To Zip File.
If you choose all available originals, you must enter your email to get a download link to the images. This email is not saved or used for any marketing purposes. You should receive an email immediately with a link to the images. The email will come
from noreply@zenfoliomail.com, so check your spam if you don't see it.

Everything Amazon

This image is the most important, as it's what your customers will see first. Below we'll cover a few of the most important requirements for this image. Simply, you must photograph the product by itself on a white background. For a full list of do's and don'ts, check out our ultimate guide to Amazon image

  • Must have a pure white background - RGB values of 255, 255, 255.
  • The product must fill 85% or more of the image area.
  • Images must not be blurry, pixelated, have jagged edges, or be cropped by a frame edge.
  • Images must accurately represent the product that’s being sold and show only the product that's for sale out of its packaging.
You can get away with a lot more in your secondary listing images. They must meet the technical requirements for all images, but other than that you can do pretty much whatever you want. But what types of photos should you include?
The best way to decide is to think about your product. What are the special features of your productthat sets you apart from your competitors, and how can you show these features in a photo? For example, if you have a lunchbox, you'd want to show off the specially marked dividers inside for the different foods! What else can you do with your secondary listing images, and how many should you have? Amazon gives you a lot of slots for secondary images, but don't feel pressured to use all of them. 3-4 high quality, professional photos will make a much better impression on your customers than 6-7 low quality or cheap looking photos. Other options for secondary images can be groups, or photos including optional accessories. Optional or add-on items aren't allowed in the primary listing image, but you can show them in your secondary images without the risk of getting flagged. Imagine a dog tag - a custom listing will allow you to add your own custom text and information before processing the order.